Hunter x Hunter Finishes Out Netflix Catalog

There is perhaps no anime series that has fans of the medium waiting on word as to when it will return then Yoshihiro Tagashi's Hunter x Hunter, and while there has yet to be any official news that is hinting at the return of Gon and his friends in either manga or anime, the animated series has finally been fully released on Netflix's streaming service. Covering the entirety of the anime television show from its original episode to its final episode that took place during the Election Arc, fans can finally dive into the Chimera Ant Arc on the platform.

Previously, Netflix had only had the episodes of Hunter x Hunter on their streaming service up to, and including, the Greed Island Arc, which saw Gon, Killua, and their friends and enemies jumping into an actual video game, seeking either fame, fortune, or the mystery behind Gon's father. While not thought of as one of the greatest arcs in the series, mostly thanks to the inclusion of a card-based game that added a number of factors that many fans saw as confusing, the Chimera Ant Arc is often considering one of the best stories of the series by many and so a number of Hunter fans are happy to see it finally arrive on Netflix.

Hunter x Hunter
(Photo: Madhouse)

Netflix revealed that they had recently added seasons five and six to their library, which consists of over seventy episodes of the Shonen series that has become one of the biggest, with fans dying to get word of Tagashi returning and giving audiences new adventures within the world of hunters.

If you're unfamiliar with the two major Hunter x Hunter arcs that have just hit Netflix, in the Chimera Ant Arc and 13th Hunter Chairman Election Arc respectively, the former is a much larger story than the latter, though they both have a unique impact on the franchise. Following the Greed Island Arc, Gon and Killua find themselves transported to a new world that is being attacked by "Chimera Ants", with one of the leaders of this monstrous brood, Meruem, becoming a fan favorite and looking strikingly like the Dragon Ball villain Cell. Following the conclusion of this story, the Election Arc sees the Hunters attempting to add a new member to its board in a far less action-packed romp.


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