Hunter x Hunter Stars Weigh In on the Show's Proper Pronunciation

Hunter x Hunter remains one of the most underrated shonen anime out there, but fans have been [...]

Hunter x Hunter remains one of the most underrated shonen anime out there, but fans have been working to fix that for a while now. The fandom has rallied behind the anime in a big way over the last few years, and Togashi Yoshihiro would be proud of the effort. Of course, that means a long-lived debate over the anime's title has come to light, and some of its actors are weighing in on its correct pronunciation.

For those confused about the ordeal, take a look at the name Hunter x Hunter. Sound it out for yourself and see how you prefer to say it. Most often, it is either pronounced as Hunter-Hunter like a math equation or as Hunter ex Hunter. However, only one of these is technically correct.

Hunter x Hunter is meant to run together just like a multiplication equation. The repetitive title uses the 'x' like a multiplication sign, so that is where the duplication comes from. You aren't technically meant to pronounce the 'x' but the title's confusing name continues to baffle fans to this day.

Over on Twitter, actor Kaiji Tang admitted he continues to pronounce the 'x' in the title despite starring in the show. The actor voices Koala and Dunn in the anime, but that hasn't stopped him from using the letter.

It turns out Cristina Bee also has an interesting way of saying the series' title. The actress, who voices Killua, replied to Tang and said the proper way to say the title is HunnerHunner. At this point, we'll take just about any pronunciation so long as it is recognizable, and there is no need to shame fans for their preference. So if you cannot stand the idea of running the anime's name together, it is fair game to make up another one for Gon's epic show.

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