Hunter x Hunter Reaches Huge Sales Record Before Its Comeback

Despite not releasing a new chapter in years, Hunter x Hunter fans never stopped believing that the series would one day make its glorious return, and in recent months, creator Yoshihiro Togashi has been hinting at the new chapters of the Shonen franchise. With the return of Gon and his fellow hunters nigh, it seems that the manga has seen a bit of an uptick in the number of volumes that are currently in circulation, proving that there is definitely a desire to return to this strange world. 

When last we left the hunters of Togashi's series, Gon and his friends were wrapped up in a unique storyline via the Succession Contest Arc, which saw a number of royals attempting to eliminate one another for power and the crown. With the last episode of the anime arriving in 2014 from Studio Madhouse, there is plenty of territory for the franchise to cover should it return to the big screen in the future. While Togashi hasn't revealed if he has an ending in mind, fans of the hunters are just beyond happy that the series is making its glorious return.

In a recent graph, it was revealed that there are currently eighty-four million copies of Hunter x Hunter's manga in circulation, making it one of the biggest Shonen series around. 

While these are certainly some impressive numbers, Togashi's creation still has some serious ground to cover if it is looking to dethrone some of its brother and sister series, with Demon Slayer currently having around one hundred and fifty million volumes of its manga in circulation and One Piece having a staggering four hundred and ninety million copies. 

It has been a number of years since we received a new chapter of Hunter x Hunter, with mangaka Togashi revealing that back problems have caused a major issue in his ability to work on one of his biggest creations. Needless to say, it looks as though the artist is working hard as Gon, his friends, the Phantom Troupe, and more continue their quest in this unique anime universe.

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Via Togashi Ten