Current Hunter x Hunter Hiatus Breaks Record to Become Manga's Longest

Hunter x Hunter remains a favorite with fans despite its ongoing hiatus. Creator Togashi Yoshihiro has been upfront with fans about how his strained health requires him to take breaks from the manga. But as of this weekend, Hunter x Hunter will break its own record as its current hiatus becomes its longest one to date.

As reported by WSJ_manga, Hunter x Hunter will break its hiatus record this weekend when Weekly Shonen Jump puts out a new chapter. The issue will not contain any updates on Gon or the gang, but its lack of content will push Hunter x Hunter towards its new longest-lasting hiatus yet. This new record beats out a previous one that the manga set between 2014 and 2016.

To break things down, Hunter x Hunter went on hiatus this most recent time at the very end of 2018. The first issue of 2019 did not contain Hunter x Hunter, and that trend has carried on ever since. After this weekend, the manga will have missed out on 81 consecutive issues of Weekly Shone Jump, and that shadows the previous record of 80 consecutive issues.

At this time, there is no word on Hunter x Hunter returning. Some fans aren't sure the comeback will ever happen given Yoshihiro's health. The beloved creator has famously grappled with severe back pain, and Yoshihiro admits the injury is aggravated when drawing. Fans would much rather the artist prioritize his health above his manga, so there is no telling when (or if) Gon's journey will ever come to a close.


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