Viral TikTok Recaps Hunter x Hunter in the Best Way Possible

Hunter x Hunter is one of those shows everyone tells you to check out. For anime shonen lovers out there, it is hard to overestimate the love shown to Yoshihiro Togashi's story. Year after year, new fans find ways to hype the anime, and it seems one TikTok user decided it was time to bring Hunter x Hunter to the hit app.

Over on social media, fans gathered together after a user known as giantimbol posted a video. It was there the user decided to make a clip summarizing the simplest points of Hunter x Hunter. And after you see the viral video, you will never be able to see the anime the same.

The video shows the user dressing up as Hunter x Hunter characters, and the heroes are shown off with a short comment. The clip, which can be seen below, rounds up all the main characters in a matter of seconds. Oh, and it seems most of the characters are trying to mess with Gon Freecs in some way.

Hunter x Hunter in a nutshell from r/HunterXHunter

The video rightly says Gon spends much of his time looking for his dad, and this journey is what involves him in all sorts of missions. The journey often leaves Killua in charge of saving Gon, and Leorio is inspired by the young boy's determined spirit.


The video finishes with a look at Hisoka who just wants to fight Gon while Ging does his best to avoid his son. And as for Kurapika, well - the avenger is far too busy smashing spiders in Hunter x Hunter to concern himself with Gon. But if the boy needed help, we all know Kurapika would run to help his comrade.

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