Inuyasha Cosplay Shows The Stunning Side Of Sango

Inuyasha may have completed its series years ago, but that isn't stopping fans from finding new [...]

Inuyasha may have completed its series years ago, but that isn't stopping fans from finding new ways to revisit the adventures of the half human, half demon and his modern day cohort with one fan recently sharing a cosplay of the character Sango! Sango, for those who followed the series know, was a demon slayer much akin to that of Tanjiro from the title of the same name. Sporting an insanely large boomerang, Sango eventually found herself joining the main cast of Inuyasha, creating a terrifying and hilarious foursome for the demons of the world.

Sango herself was the only "demon slayer" from her village, setting out on her own to make a name for herself while simultaneously attempting to bring down as many monsters as possible. The "couple" of Sango and Miroku were a hilarious pair in the popular anime franchise, with the monk constantly hitting on the female warrior throughout the journey to humorous effect. Shockingly enough, the two eventually get married and find themselves a happy ending when the series came to a close!

Instagram Cosplayer Nanasemeron shared this stunning cosplay that does a fantastic job of bringing the franchise of Inuyasha back to the forefront for anime fans across the world while also giving us an example of a cosplay that you don't see on the regular:

Recently, Inuyasha made the news with singer and songwriter Megan Thee Stallion admitting that the demonic protagonist was her first "anime crush". We would be curious to see how many fans of the franchise considered Sango to be their first anime crush, considering the series became a hit thanks in part to its release on Cartoon Network's programming block of Toonami.

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