InuYasha Creator Unveils Promo For New Manga "Mao"

Rumiko Takahashi put into place one of the most well known manga/anime series ever created in the form of InuYasha. The story followed a half demon who found himself linked to a high school teenager as the pair attempted to traverse a world of demonic spirits and monsters. While InuYasha ran for 167 anime episodes and 56 volumes of manga, with both ending in the mid 2000s, the creator is returning to the art form with her latest entry titled "Mao".

Crunchyroll released the two promo videos along with the following description of the new series itself:

"A pair of ads introduces the otherworldly story, about a girl named Nanoka who apparently died at the hands of a monster when she was young. Eight years later she seems very much alive, but on the way to school one day finds herself on the border of another world—where she meets the mysterious MAO."

inuyasha mao

InuYasha itself originally premiered, and continued its run, during the Weekly Shonen Sunday edition, which is exactly how Mao will premiere. In a similar vein as its predecssor, we're sure that an anime for the series will be created as well to reflect the events taking place in the manga itself.

Rumiko also created the manga/anime series Ranma 1/2, the story of a young martial artist who finds himself cursed with a particularly strange spell during his travels. Whenever he is splashed with cold water, Ranma would transform into a girl with only hot water being the trick to transforming him back to his original gender. Unlike Inuyasha, Ranma took a much more light hearted stance on its story, offering a mostly comedic take on the storybeats within its pages. Ranma ended its manga run in 1996 with over 53 million copies sold of its 38 volumes.

If you are not familiar with any of Takahashi's work, it might be time you checked out Inuyasha. The fantastical period piece follows the story of Kagome Higurashi. The high schooler finds herself thrown into the feudal era where she discovers her connection to a late priestess named Kikyo. Charged with protecting a relic known as the Sacred Jewel, Kagome teams up with a half-demon named Inuyasha who covets its power, and the manga details their journeys through Japan as they attempt to piece together the powerful gem.



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