Inuyasha's Sequel Yashahime Shares First Episode Promo

Inuyasha remains one of the greatest anime to ever greet fans, and it is planning to make a comeback shortly. The fall season is on the way, and that means some brand-new series are on the horizon. One such show is Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon which plans to revive the anime franchise. And at long last, fans have been given a teaser for the sequel's first episode.

The clip was released in Japan just recently, and it has got the Inuyasha fandom all abuzz. The video, which was released by YTV, is a curious one. It showcases Inuyasha and Kagome not long after the heroine returned to the Feudal era, and they are not alone.

As you can see, the clip begins with a look at the pair's child Moroha as well as Sesshomaru's twins. It continues on with a look a Lady Kaede who appears to be holding a splintered arrow. Kagome and Inuyasha are then shown heading on a mission, and a short interlude seems to hint at Sesshomaru's ties to the quest.

inuyasha sequel
(Photo: Sunrise)

Obviously, this first episode seems to be setting up the main events fans have been teased about in Yashahime. The sequel is primarily focused on the children of our favorite yokai, but the kids had to come from somewhere. Sesshomaru will need to find his mate before his twins can arrive, and there is still work to be done with Kagome and Inuyasha before they're ready for a daughter.

That is why this sequel will be adapting a little-known bonus chapter of Inuyasha for its debut episode. The anime appears to take its story from "Since Then", a side chapter set after the finale of Inuyasha. The events covered in this episode will come from the old-school epilogue, so fans are eager to reunite with Inuyasha's gang before the main story of Yashahime gets underway in October.


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