Yashahime's Debut Shows How Little Inuyasha and Kagome Have Changed

No one ever thought it would happen, but Inuyasha is back for another anime venture. Rumiko Takahashi left fans stunned when the creator confirmed a sequel to her epic feudal series was in the works. Now, the very first episode of Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon is here, and the first episode proves things haven't changed much for Kagome or Inuyasha.

If you have yet to check out the sequel, you can peep its premiere over on Crunchyroll. Yashahime went live this past weekend to usher in the fall 2020 season. The sequel began with a look at Kagome and Inuyasha shortly after the heroine returned to the feudal era for the final time. And as you will see, the girl is still dragging Kikyo's name around.

The episode follows the pair as they seek out a rogue demon, and Kagome comes up with a plan to lure the baddie out. The only issue is that it involves her acting as bait, so Inuyasha is less-than-thrilled about that pitch. Of course, Kagome is not one to let her plan fizzle out, so she questions whether Kikyo would have been allowed to see it through.

inuyasha yashahime
(Photo: Sunrise)

"I bet you'd say 'yes' if this were Kikyo," Kagome tells her partner after being shot down. She goes on to side-eye Inuyasha with all her might, and the half-demon has the decency to look a little embarrassed by the call out. After all, Inuyasha would let Kikyo head out into the battlefield, and Kagome is not here for her boyfriend's fickle ways.

Still, fans can see why Inuyasha is more willing to let Kikyo go than Kagome. The half-demon has made it clear he loves Kagome, so it is easier for him to let Kikyo go given their strained history. Of course, Kagome is just as capable as her ancestor, and she has proven so time and again. That means Kagome has every right to be bait if she wants, so Inuyasha will have to swallow his pride if need be.


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