Isekai of the Dead Connects Isekai Anime with Classic Zombies

The genre of Isekai has been gaining some serious steam over the years in the medium of anime, normally telling the story of protagonists finding themselves in brand new magical worlds that hide deadly secrets within them. Now, it seems that the genre is set to receive a new supernatural entry that decides to focus on the undead as Isekai of the Dead has begun releasing new chapters of a bizarre new story in the medium of manga. 

If you're unfamiliar with the idea of an "Isekai," it revolves around a protagonist from the "real world" either dying or being transported to a brand new world, far different from the one that they left behind. Normally, the world that the hero finds themselves in is far different from the one that they originated from, with several of these series normally revolving around a universe that has magical elements ingrained in the setting. 

For Isekai of the Dead, the manga has already begun running in the weekly publication of Ura Sunday, presenting a world wherein the character Kenichi Koga finds himself transported to a world where zombies exist, and the only ability that he has to combat the undead is to teleport back to his parents' convenience story. Created by mangaka Haruta Yuuki, the series has yet to announce when, or if, the series will arrive in North America.

The official description of Isekai of the Dead reads as such:

"Kenichi Koga, whose family owns and operates a convenience store, is a typical guy in high school who enjoys watching zombie movies. But after being hit by a truck, Kenichi is reborn into a world filled with zombies...?! And to make matters worse, his only special ability in this strange world is being able to travel back and forth from his family's convenience store?! Is it even possible for him to survive this "zombie panic" with just that?!" 

The world of anime certainly is no stranger to the undead monstrosities known as zombies, including the likes of High School of the Dead, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, and Gyo, though it's still anyone's guess if Isekai of the Dead will one day receive an anime adaptation.

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Via Manga Mogura RE