Isekai Quartet Announces New Movie With Teaser Trailer, Poster

Isekai Quartet has announced a new movie is on the way with special new teaser trailer and poster! [...]

Isekai Quartet has announced a new movie is on the way with special new teaser trailer and poster! Kadokawa struck a chord with fans when it announced that it planned to have upwards of 40 new anime productions in the works each year going forward, and fans have begun to see the fruits of that labor with some long awaited sequels. This includes new follow up anime seasons to series like Overlord, Saga of Tanya the Evil, and more. Now the newest addition to all of that is our first look at how Isekai Quartet will be continuing.

After wrapping its second season back in Winter 2020, the special crossover franchise featuring chibi versions of characters from Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World-, Konosuba: God's Blessing on this Wonderful World!, Saga of Tanya the Evil, Overlord, and The Rising of the Shield Hero announced that it would be getting a sequel. While this was assumed to be a third season, it seems this sequel will actually be a brand new feature film known as Isekai Quartet The Movie -Another World-. Check out the poster for the new film below and the teaser trailer in the video above!

Scheduled for a release in 2022 in Japan (though international release information has yet to be revealed as of this writing) Isekai Quartet The Movie -Another World- will be bringing back the staff and cast from the anime's two season run for the new movie. This includes the most recently added cast of The Rising of the Shield Hero, but the visual nor the trailer indicate whether or not the newest series teased in the second season, Cautious Hero: The Hero is Overpowered But Overly Cautious, is coming along for the ride.

The staff from the second season had teased we would be seeing more of Kadokawa's Isekai anime franchises join the Isekai Quartet series in the future, but we'll see soon enough following this new feature film. It's yet to be revealed whether or not we'll see a third season as well, but given how some projects like Overlord are working on a new season and movie at the same time, it might not exactly be impossible.

But what do you think? Are you excited to see what Isekai Quartet looks like as a movie? What have you thought of the crossover series so far? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!