Japan Chooses Which Iconic Character Is The Most Popular

While certain Japanese characters have made an impression here in the states, you might be [...]

While certain Japanese characters have made an impression here in the states, you might be surprised to see where they fall in this new Japanese ranking.

Popular Japanese site Goo Ranking took a poll of its users, seeking to create a top 10 list of Japenese Characters. It didn't matter what medium they were from, and while there are some popular names like Goku and Pikachu on the list, there are some others you may not recognize (via Sora News 24).

First up is a pretty well-known one, that being Sailor Moon at #10. Sailor Moon has quite a presence in the west, including a significant toy empire. She even has her own ride at Universal Studios Japan, so coming in at #10 might surprise you.

#9 won't though, and that's the city destroying monster Godzilla. Godzilla has had a number of interpretations over the last 60 years, seemingly getting bigger and bigger with each film. The latest incarnation of the character recently hit in a new anime project on Netflix, and he will soon grace the screen again in Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

#8 is the ever popular Gundam franchise, which includes television series, films, and a variety of model kits and toys spanning around 40 years. The series is heralded as a pioneer of the mecha genre, so it makes sense that the franchise would be featured on the list.

Coming in at #7 is Totoro, a lovable forest spirit from the film My Neighbor Totoro. The film is from the famed Studio Ghibli, and while the character is known quite well in the states, he is even more popular in Japan.

#6 is one you might expect to be higher on the list, and that's Dragon Ball's Goku. Goku is one of the most popular characters in the Dragon Ball franchise, and he also happens to be one of the most powerful. Still, in Japan, he's beaten by an even more popular franchise.

That would be Hello Kitty at #5. Hello Kitty has also established quite a presence in the United States, but in Japan Hellow Kitty (or Kitty-chan) is a favorite of all ages, and brings in money in the billions.

#4 is Anpanman, who isn't well known outside of Japan. There though he is incredibly popular thanks to a longrunning book series and current television show. If you're confused as to what he is, he is an anpan bun filled with anko, and wears a superhero suit with a cape.

#3 On this list is Mario, who is known all over the world. With a bevy of titles on all of Nintendo's various consoles and platforms, including his newest title Super Mario Odyssey o the Switch. it's no wonder he's so high on this list.

Coming in at #2 is Pikachu, the most lovable and popular creature in the Pokemon franchise. The little guy's become quite a hit internationally as well, but in Japan it's unreal. There is an annual Pikachu horde event in Yokohama that celebrates him, and despite numerous other Pokemon constantly being added to the series, he is still at the top.

Taking the #1 spot is Doraemon, a character you might not have heard of but you might recognize. Doraemon is a robotic cat from the future and can be compared impact wise to the United States' Mickey Mouse. You'll find his likeness on just about everything, so odds are you've seen him already, but now you know who he is.