John Boyega Shows Off New Anime Makeover from Crunchyroll

John Boyega has worn his love of all things anime on his sleeve, with the star of the likes of Star Wars, Attack The Block, and Pacific Rim Uprising, going to the mat for his favorite animated series time and time again, and the folks at Crunchyroll have given the prolific actor a make over worthy of the medium. Boyega has often taken to social media to share his love of series like Attack On Titan, Naruto, Hunter x Hunter, and others, spreading awareness about some of the best stories that have been told in anime to date!

Boyega has certainly done more than a few movies that would be easily translated into the world of anime, with the likes of Star Wars having already received a number of manga installments that retell some of the adventures of the Skywalker Clan, as well as all new stories in the universe that was created by George Lucas. While he has yet to be a part of a live action adaptation for any of his favorite anime series, we would imagine that it will only be a matter of time until the actor who brought Finn to life in a "Galaxy Far, Far Away" will have his chance.

Crunchyroll put together an amazing piece of art that imagines what John Boyega might look like if he were to appear in an anime of his own, taking a page from the likes Gundam Wing and other anime with a trademark scene of doves flying past:

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Thank you @zzyzzyyart and @crunchyroll for this 😩😩🥺 HAI!

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Much like Boyega, actor Michael B Jordan wears his love of the medium of anime on his sleeve, creating a Naruto fashion line that did its best to capture the spriit of the Hidden Leaf Village for those who were looking to get shirts, shoes, jackets, and more that were straight out of the village of Konoha. With Hollywood time and time again venturing into the different worlds of anime, we are definitely looking forward to seeing what adaptations take place in the future.


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