JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Creator Is Way More Odd Than You Might Think

Hirohiko Araki has been telling the story of the Joestars for decades at this point, chronicling the generations of the Stand using family as the season of Stone Ocean arrives on Netflix. While followers of JoJo would certainly expect the mangaka to be strange considering the source material and the wild events that take place within it, a recent interview has emerged once again that has Hirohiki's wife revealing new wild facts about her partner.   

Asami Araki, Hirohiko's wife, had participated in an interview in which she had revealed several idiosyncratic tidbits regarding her partner, revealing that the creator of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure started their first date by swimming multiple laps in a pool and will still routinely "ding dong ditch" his neighbors:

"Araki would frequently go to a Gym Pool. He was carrying his swimsuit to the pool when he got asked out by telephone. When Asami arrived, Araki said, "I'll be swimming back and forth in the 25-meter line a few times, so just play around here," and left her alone. She was looking at the training schedule in silence while Araki continued to swim. When he gave her a sidelong glance, she appeared to be doing the flutter kick by herself."

When it came to Araki ringing the doorbells of his neighbors well into his adulthood, the interview detailed the wild scenario as such:

"About ten years into their marriage, Asami tells us, "I felt like I was living with a first-year middle schooler." This childish, simple-minded troublemaker, how many ding-dong dashes he was doing! But the people in the neighborhood loved Araki, and the older people would call out to him as if he was a boy. Strange folk..."

Araki himself might have recently finished the eighth part of the popular manga series in JoJolion, but the mangaka is wasting little time in beginning the next entry of the Joestars. JoJo Lands is set to arrive as the ninth installment of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure but little has been revealed about the upcoming story and how it will tie into the Stand wielding clan.

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