JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Actress Comments on This Dream Role

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure recently revealed that the long-awaited "Part Six" of the series would finally be receiving an animated adaptation as Stone Ocean is coming to the small screen, and the voice actress for Jolyne Cujoh, Ai Fairouz, went on record to talk about how the upcoming Joestar is her dream role. Accompanied by her Stand, Stone Free, Jolyne is the daughter of Stardust Crusader Jotaro, and will, unfortunately, find herself experiencing his world as she battles Enemy Stands and attempts to clear her name within a maximum-security prison as a plan unfurls from her father's past.

Ai Fairouz took to her Official Twitter Account to share how excited she was for the upcoming role, as Jolyne had originally gotten her into voice acting in the first place, making this most assuredly her dream come true to play the daughter of Jotaro and the protagonist of the Stone Ocean:

The translated Tweet shows Fairouz at the latest Joestar The Inherited Soul Event that confirmed the upcoming arrival of the sixth season, with the voice actress going into detail about how portraying the role of Jolyne is a dream come true:

"It's a work I really like, and now I'm full of feelings I can't put into words. I will come, at the role, with great love."

Though a release date has yet to be confirmed for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean, fans are beyond excited that Hirohiko Araki's anime will be continuing with the next Joestar in the line-up. In the manga, two sagas follow the adventures of Jolyne in Steelball Run and JoJolion, though we would imagine anime adaptations for these two stories are years away.


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