JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Is Back and Missing Something Major

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is back in action, and we have its comeback this week to thank. After a year of waiting, Stone Ocean has returned with a brand-new batch of episodes. This means Jolyne Cujoh and the crew are ready to carry on their exploration of a wild Florida prison. Yet even with all the excitement surrounding the return, it seems Stone Ocean overlooked a major request with its comeback...

And what could that be? Well, it would be a new opening. After a year away, audiences were expecting Stone Ocean to drop another iconic JoJo OP, but no such thing happened.

Episodes 13-24 are now available to binge on Netflix, and each of them has the same OP as the series' first 12 episodes. The only change in this batch's OP comes in its last few seconds as a few character visuals were updated. But asides from that, everything is the way it was in December 2021.

"I'm just really disappointed with how this adaptation is going. Stone Ocean is my favorite part, and I'm sad to see how many issues Netflix and DP seem to be facing. Maybe they'll touch up some of the CGI with the Bluray or something? And maybe fix some of the other issues? One can only hope," Reddit user Wiitab360 shared online with fans. And given all the other complaints on social media, it seems this fan isn't alone in their disappointment.

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Of course, there is certainly precedent for this extended OP. Several years ago, Golden Wind kept its original OP for more than 20 episodes before it changed to a new one. Stone Ocean could have similar plans for all we know. The only difference here is that Golden Wind didn't have a year-long gap between episodes, so fans were more willing to accept its old OP compared to Stone Ocean. But so long as David Production spice things up in episode 25, fans will surely find it in their hearts to lay off the latest JoJo series. 

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