Jujutsu Kaisen Producer Shares Which Character's Popularity Surprised Them

When Jujutsu Kaisen season one dropped, the series went from being a solid success to an overnight phenomenon. Now, the show is considered one of the best anime out there, and fans have MAPPA to thank for the success. The studio put untold work into making Gege Akutami's manga pop on the screen, but even so, one producer admits they did not see the popularity of one character coming. 

The whole thing came to light recently when MAPPA brought several of its executives to Anime Expo this month. It was there the studio talked about Jujutsu Kaisen's explosive growth since season one launched. And when asked about its highlights, producer Hiroaki Matsutani said they were shocked by Todo of all people.

According to the producer, no one at MAPPA expected Todo to become such a hit with fans. The character's introduction went viral online, and Hiroaki could only watch it all happen in wonder. The team said they saw plenty of fans supporting Todo at Anime Expo, and the character's popularity does not end in the United States. Hiroaki admitted Japanese fans love the sorcerer as well, and Todo's reputation could challenge Gojo at this point.

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Now if you cannot recall Todo for some reason, you only need to look at season one and its Kyoto Goodwill arc to remember the fighter. It was there Aoi Todo debuted as the third-year high schooler took part in the event. Their wild strength and confident aura made Todo a favorite with fans from day one as you can imagine. Once Todo met Yuji, his fate with Jujutsu Kaisen fans was sealed as the older boy came to view Yuji as a brother of sorts. Their tag-team battle against Hanami was a highlight in season one, and fans are eager to reunite with Todo in season two as you can imagine. 

What do you think of Jujutsu Kaisen's growth in the last few years? Did you expect Todo to be such a hit with Jujutsu Kaisen fans? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.