Jujutsu Kaisen Sets Up Chapter 152 with New Teaser

Jujutsu Kaisen is one of the biggest series in manga these days, and it has certainly amassed a [...]

Jujutsu Kaisen is one of the biggest series in manga these days, and it has certainly amassed a global fanbase. Yuji Itadori has a number of fans who will go to bat for him, but to their dismay, the hero hasn't been checked on in a hot minute. This is because the manga has been on an extended hiatus, but a new promo confirms Yuji will spearhead the show's comeback when its manga returns next month.

The update comes from Shonen Jump itself as a promo dropped for Jujutsu Kaisen's next chapter. The release, which is slated for August 2nd, promises to follow Yuji as he gets prepared for the Culling Game. But of course, those plans do not pan out as expected.

And the teaser? Well, you can read it below. The text is short and sweet, but it sets up Yuji's next move. ""Itadori is heading to Hakari for the Culling Game, but...!!"

Clearly, Yuji is ready to get the Culling Game underway, but he is going to have to go through some hoops first. After all, the manga itself ended on a cliffhanger that is going to have rippling effects on the Jujutsu society. Maki's total annihilation of the Zenin clan took tons of fans by surprise, and she did it to avenge her twin sister's sacrifice. At this point, there is no telling how Maki moves forward in the series, but her ties to Yuji will surely rattle the boy. And if Maki decides to go after Megumi for any reason, well - Yuji is going to have to stop the girl before that can happen.

If you want to catch up with Jujutsu Kaisen, the manga is available online using Viz Media's digital vault. The series is expected to return on August 1st for stateside readers, so you have some time to binge the manga.

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