Jujutsu Kaisen Finally Introduces Its Third-Year Students

Jujutsu Kaisen might have taken an extended break this year, but the manga wasn't going to leave fans hanging. Gege Akutami brought his hit series back to print this week, and readers were thrilled to reunite with Yuji Itadori. And thanks to this comeback, fans were introduced to two new students from Jujutsu High.

The whole thing went down in chapter 153 if you have not read up on the update. Jujutsu Kaisen checked in on Yuji and Megumi in this special release as expected. The two managed to sneak their way into a fight club operated by a mysterious third-year student known as Hakari, and fans were introduced to the man before long.

The final pages of this chapter closed in on Kinji Hakari in the flesh. The third-year student is burly as you might expect, and his thick hair is slicked back. Hakari is seen rocking a large fur coat with narrow slacks and nice square-toed shoes. The rest of Hakari's look is pulled together with a thin mustache, and the sorcerer has narrow eyes framed by even narrower eyebrows.

As for the other student, Kirara Hoshi seems to be Hakari's girlfriend. The girl has wide eyes with long lashes and choppy black bangs. Her aesthetic can be described as alternative given her spiked choker and accessories. Her physique is mostly obscured in this new chapter, but fans expect Hoshi to have a petite frame compared to Hakari.

Of course, this long-awaited introduction has Jujutsu Kaisen fans buzzing, and they are eager to learn more about the students. Hakari has been mentioned in passing as a possible rival for Gojo, but his suspension from school paints him in a bad light. Now, Yuji and Megumi are caught up in the pair's fight club schemes, and there is not much time left to recruit their elders ahead of the Culling Games.


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