Jujutsu Kaisen Features a Clever Fight Club Easter Egg

Jujutsu Kaisen is back in action, and that means fans were quick to pick up the series once its manga went live this week. Creator Gege Akutami brought readers back to the series with Yuji at his side, and Megumi made sure to stick around for chapter 153 just in case. But in the end, the thing that has fans buzzing the most is Jujutsu Kaisen's own little fight club.

After all, Yuji and Megumi spent this new chapter weaseling into the group, and it seems like the fight club is no joke. In fact, Akutami even went so far as to drop some Easter eggs to Hollywood's own Fight Club, and Brad Pitt would be proud of the move.

The first nod is easy to spot, and it comes not long after the chapter begins. Jujutsu Kaisen checks in on Megumi as he tries to get into a fight club that one of their school's third-year students runs. The pair need to talk with Kinji Hakari before the Culling Games begin. But when the bouncer gives them grief, things get complicated.

The bouncer, in true Fight Club style, says the first rule of the group is to not talk about it. The guard needs to know where Megumi learned about the club, so the boy bluffs and says he learned from a fighter before killing the man in cold blood. This threat worked perfectly as it got Megumi into the club with Yuji, and that is where the second Easter egg lies.

It comes at the chapter's end when Hakari is revealed to readers. The man is seen on the phone while his girlfriend sits to his side, and Hakari is invested in Yuji's ringside talent. When fans are introduced to the older student, they see he is wearing a bulky fur jacket with a scoop-neck shirt under. This combo matches an outfit worn in Fight Club, and Pitt's character was the one to don it. So now, fans are eager to learn how else this Jujutsu Kaisen club might blend with the one found in Hollywood's 1999 film.


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