Jujutsu Kaisen to Launch Uniqlo Collection Soon

Jujutsu Kaisen truly hit the ground floor running when the first season of its anime produced by Studio MAPPA arrived last year, and with the franchise created by Gege Akutami only rising in popularity, it's no surprise to see that Uniqlo has decided to create a new fashion line focusing on the world of Jujutsu sorcerers. This Shonen series is far from the first time that Uniqlo has dived into the world of anime, as the clothing providers have dabbled in the world of Yu Yu Hakusho, Pokemon, One Piece, and Fullmetal Alchemist being but a few of the franchises.

Jujutsu Kaisen first landed on the scene as a manga as part of the regular publication of Weekly Shonen Jump, premiering in 2018 and continuing to run to this day by following the adventures of Yuji Itadori. Following his ingestion of the cursed finger of the king of curses known as Sukuna, Yuji finds himself dragged into a world of supernatural threats that roam the Earth and pose a serious threat to mankind. As Yuji and his friends at Jujutsu Tech begin to realize that the dangers in the world of curses are just beginning, their mastery of cursed energy grows as they continue being taught by mentors such as Gojo.

Funimation shared the reveal that Uniqlo would be releasing this new line of Jujutsu Kaisen attire this summer, prepping fans for shirts that cover various characters from the popular series:

Uniqlo had this to say regarding their upcoming anime line:

"This Japanese manga series has become wildly popular, with the total number of copies in circulation exceeding 45 million. The new collection features exclusive designs from illustrations in the manga that highlight the magical powers of the sorcerers whose personalities have made the series so attractive. The [UNIQLO T-shirts] faithfully capture the series' portrayals of main characters overcoming their challenges to complete their missions and help each other out."


While a second season has yet to be confirmed for the supernatural Shonen series, the franchise has confirmed that a new feature-length film is in the works.

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