Jump Festa Shares Spoilery Logo for This Year's Event

Like conventions such as Anime Expo and Funimation Con, Jump Festa will be having its event for this year completely online in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, and it seems as if the major image that is promoting the event might hold some spoilers for one of the most popular anime running today! The event, which mostly focuses on Shonen franchises, will normally unveil some big news when it comes to the world of anime and the image in question gives us a good idea of what series will be covered when the online event hits later this winter!

The image in question, as one fan notes, has an image of Future Trunks in the crowd of Shonen characters, leading many to believe that this inclusion may very well point us toward the next major arc of Dragon Ball Super! While this could very well be the version that we've seen in the spin-off series of Super Dragon Ball Heroes, the outside of continuity anime that features the main team of Z Fighters crossing over with their parallel selves in the Xeno-verse. While we aren't sure if this image of Trunks is hinting at what is to come in Dragon Ball Super, the Moro Arc is close to its conclusion and there is certainly reason to speculate as to where Akira Toriyama's franchise goes from here!

Twitter User Cipher_DB shared the latest image for Jump Festa, showing off a bevy of characters from the world of Shonen Jump's various anime series, giving us a taste of what this year's online event will have in terms of overall announcements for the future of these franchises within the medium of the anime:

The last time Future Trunks appeared in Dragon Ball Super, he was helping the present Z Fighters battle against Zamasu and his creation in Goku Black, and considering the popularity of the son of Vegeta, we certainly wouldn't be surprised if he were to make a return appearance!


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