Junji Ito Shares Which Of His Monsters He Finds The Scariest

Junji Ito recently took the opportunity to sit down during Comic-Con 2020 and discuss his career, along with the terrifying creations that he has made throughout the decades as a popular horror mangaka, revealing just which of his monsters he finds the scariest. From the likes of walking sharks with spider legs, hanging balloons that float through the air, and zombies that are attached to springs that rise from their graves, there certainly is a large number of creatures to choose from that have arisen from the creative mind of Junji Ito across a number of stories.

During the interview, Junji Ito revealed that his scariest monster that he created had to be the "Fashion Model". The story, for those who might not be familiar with it, was presented as a manga at first but was then adapted into an anime with the Junji Ito Collection series. In it, an independent film crew is looking to make a horror film and are looking for the perfect star to portray the monster and, unfortunately, they managed to find someone who was a bit too good at their job. With this "Fashion Model", the crew finds themselves running for their lives when the actress' fangs are revealed and she reveals her need to eat human flesh.

Junji Ito Scariest Monster
(Photo: Studio Deen)

The "Fashion Model" monster is easily one of Ito's most terrifying monsters, with her lanky frame, other worldly facial features, and row of horrifyingly sharp teeth easily making her a nightmare unlike anything else you can find in the medium of horror. While the actress has yet to be translated into a live action adaptation, like her brethren in Uzumaki and Tomie, with a number of Ito's properties being translated, perhaps it's only a matter of time until we see this lanky monstrosity make her way into the world of live action!

The next live action adaptation that Junji Ito is currently working on is his story that follows the young succubus looking for unfortunate victims in Tomie, recently finding its leading lady for the upcoming television series on Quibi. This North America adaptation would join the number of Tomie movies that have already been created in Japan and we're crossing our fingers that this new series lives up to the terror of the character that was created by the mangaka of horror.

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