K-Pop Stars Imprisoned For Sexual Assault

The world of Korean Pop Music has sold millions of records in the past year alone. With the likes of groups such as BTS, Seventeen, and X1 selling scores of songs to devoted fans across the world, it seems that all that glitters sometimes isn't gold. Such is the case with two K-Pop singers that have recently been arrested and charged with crimes of sexual assault. After being involved in a scandal wherein chat rooms were used to coordinate the assault, K-Pop stars Jung Joon Young and Choi Jonh Hoon will be spending multiple years in prison for their respective crimes.

CNN shared the bombshell story via their Official Twitter Account, detailing the crimes of these two former pop stars as well as exposing the seedy underbelly that was involved with the online chat rooms which helped facilitate their crimes:

Jung Joon Young has been sentenced to six years for the planning of the assault and the subsequent filming, and release, of the video that was created from it. Choi Jonh Hoon, who was a former member of the K-Pop band FT Island, was sentenced to five years for sexual assault.

These actions are part of a larger scandal that has been plaguing the world of K-Pop: "The Burning Sun Scandal". The scandal involved numerous entertainers in South Korea participating in sexual assaults and the use of "cams" to distribute footage of the assaults via a number of secret chat rooms that were shared among the participants. So big did this scandal become that not only did it result in a mass protest by South Korean women, but it also elicited a response from South Korean President, Moon Jae-In.


K-Pop itself is a genre of music that originated in South Korea in the early 1990s. Specific to South Korea, pop singers have mostly presented themselves as wholesome while performing at concerts and recording albums, whether they be solo or part of a group. This imagery of course made the "Burning Sun Scandal" all the more surprising to fans of these particular entertainers, as well as fans of the medium to boot.

Outside of this particular scandal, South Korea has been dealing with a rash of "molka", the un-consented distribution of sexual videos of women. While the problem itself is still prevalent in the country, it's clear that the nation is making an effort of combating it with the recent arrest of these two entertainers who were a big part of the "Burning Sun Scandal".