Legend of Korra Cosplay Awakens the Avatar's True Power

Legend of Korra may be controversial within some circles, but for most fans, they have fallen for the sequel's charm. The hit series has had a big comeback as of late which those fans believe is long overdue. And now, one of them is stepping out with their gorgeous take on Korra thanks to a special cosplay.

The piece comes from Instagram courtesy of user kyso_lo. It was there the cosplayer, who has done plenty of other looks to date, turned her eye to Avatar: The Last Airbender. Their heart was pulled towards a Korra cosplay, and they clearly understood the assignment.

As you can see above, the cosplay shows Korra sitting on some rocks before the ocean. With her hair tucked into two tendrils, Korra comes to life in a beautiful teal outfit. The Water Tribe look speaks to Korra's heritage and gives her a sense of identity despite being the reincarnated Avatar. And of course, kyso_lo pulls off the look with ease.

In fact, the cosplay goes a step further by using editing software to bring Korra's powers to life. The heroine is shown in the Avatar State here as she meditates, and her power is on full display. Whether fire or water or earth, Korra can bend it all, and that does include air. The girl spent a lot of time training to access the Avatar State and the airbending of her predecessors. So if you have caught up with the series, you will know Korra is a pro-bender with every element.

If you like kyso_lo and their cosplay work, you can find more of their stuff online. You can check out their Instagram here

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