Log Horizon Season 3 Releases Trailer and Premiere Date

Log Horizon was once touted as a successor to Sword Art Online, and the show has held its weight against other Isekai giants. The only thing that has kept the series from greatness is its lengthy breaks, but it seems one of those hiatuses is ready to end. After all, the third season of Log Horizon is in the works, and fans have learned the show will debut in January 2021.

The information comes from an update shared by NHK over in Japan. The network's official page for Log Horizon shared the information with fans. The third season will go live on January 13, and a teaser was shared for the anime as well.

You can find the clip here on NHK. The brief teaser gives a summary of what happened most recently in Log Horizon. It picks up with some teases about season three's drama, and there will be a lot. And just in case you doubted as much, the season went with the full name Log Horizon: Destruction of the Round Table to make it obvious.

As for Log Horizon itself, the series was created back in 2010 online by Mamare Touno and Kazuhiro Hara. The pair published their first light novel in 2011 and continue the story as such ever since. To date, a slew of manga adaptations have been made of the light novel, and then there is the anime. Season one debuted back in October 2013 before seance two debut in October 2014. Now, it seems season three will go live in January 2021 to carry on Shiroe's adventures

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