Shonen Jump Will Launch Reality Show to Find Manga's Next Big Artist

When it comes to manga, the medium is growing by the day, and it isn't just in Japan. The genre [...]

When it comes to manga, the medium is growing by the day, and it isn't just in Japan. The genre has taken over booklists all across the world, and that means publishers have their eyes out for the next big series. And now, it seems Shueisha has made plans to launch a reality show in hopes of singling out manga's next big thing.

The news comes straight from the publisher as it updated its Shonen Jump + site recently. It was there the company showed out its MILLION TAG event, and it will be a doozy. The event will feature a "battle audition" for artists across Japan as Shueisha looks for manga's next big star. And once the auditions are done, the real challenge begins.

Jujutsu Kaisen Sales
(Photo: MAPPA)

MILLION TAG will follow six different teams as each includes an aspiring manga creator. They will be paired with a manga editor from Shueisha, and they will take part in four challenges. These obstacles will test the team's ability to produce manga on schedule while living up to expectations of both readers and execs. And by the end of the reality show, one creator will walk away with a $45,000 USD prize. But wait - there is more!

The prize will also gift the creator a chance to serialize their manga under Shonen Jump + along with a print volume. The prize pack wraps up with a special present as Shueisha will help coordinate an anime adaptation of the manga. So if that sounds too good to be true, well - you best take after Naruto and believe it!

Currently, MILLION TAG is open to watch on Youtube as its first episode went live on July 2. It hosts various artist and emcees such as Ayane Sakura, Yuji Kaku, Tatsuki Fujimoto, and more.

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