Manga Plus Announces Huge Catalog Expansion

Technology has made reading manga easier than ever, and the rise of digital series cannot be overstated. Shonen Jump has even championed its own online exclusives with a magazine of its very own. Now, fans of Shonen Jump+ can look forward to those online series reaching a bigger audience as a new report confirms Manga Plus will begin simulpublishing the stories soon!

The announcement comes courtesy of Shonen Jump+ as a notice was shared with fans over in Japan. It was there fans were told the digital magazine will simulpublish its series in English for readers on Manga Plus. The service will be available in every country except for China and Korea at the moment.

However, not every series is eligible for the service. Shonen Jump has stressed some works will be restricted to Japan due to licensing conflicts. Indie works will not be included either, but netizens can always petition for certain series to join Manga Plus if the desire if there.

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Of course, fans are already looking to see what series they can expect to boom with this service. One of the most obvious picks is Chainsaw Man as its second part will be published by Shonen Jump+ this July. Other hit series like Kaiju No. 8, Dandadan, Ghost Reaper Girl, Spy x Family, and others are also part of the online publication. And soon, it will become easier to binge these titles than ever before!

What do you make of this latest simulpub announcement? Are you excited to see Shonen Jump expand its online reach? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.