Marvel's Eternals Gets Special Manga International Poster

Marvel Studios has moved back to theaters, and we have Eternals to thank. The ensemble flick has gone live at last, and superhero fans are already giving praise to Eternals for its complex story. Outside of the United States, a slew of regions have brought this new movie to theaters and that's why a new international poster giving Eternals a manga makeover has launched. 

Naturally, the piece comes courtesy of Japan as artist Mari Yamazaki was called in to ink the poster. Readers may find the name familiar given that Yamazaki oversees the popular Thermae Romae manga. The artist brought their signature style to life for Eternals in this poster, and some fans are surely going to want a print to frame.

(Photo: Marvel Studios)

As you can see above, the artwork imagines all of the Eternals in their godly costumes. From Thena to Sprite and Gilgamesh, you can find your favorite hero in this ensemble piece. Each of the heroes is brought to life with muted colors against a sandy background, so Yamazaki put a lot of love into this poster.

The artist released a statement alongside this poster that shares their take on Eternals. "Chloé Zhao won an Academy Award for Nomadland, a film that made me feel the difference in human values and living on earth. I was surprised when I found out that she was filming a Marvel superhero film," they wrote.

"The [Eternals], an immortal space race that has protected humanity for over 7,000 years, have names related to ancient gods and lyric poetry. They hold immense energy within them, but when the time came for me to start drawing them, I was most conscious about bringing out the charm of each actor. Eternals is the first superhero film to include warriors with LGBT elements, which is a sign of the times, but it's also fascinating to see how each of these alien races acclimatizes to Earth."

Clearly, Yamazaki is a fan of Eternals, and they're not alone in that take. Fans have praised the Marvel film for its gorgeous atmosphere and complex themes. But for stateside critics, their view of Eternals is mixed. The movie has a 47% rating right now, making it one of the lowest in the MCU.

What do you think about this new international poster for Eternals? Do you think Marvel needs to dip its toes? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.