Mob Psycho 100 Creator Reacts to Anime's Recent 'Political' Boost

If you were out of the loop yesterday, you may not understand why Mob Psycho 100 is the talk of the anime fandom right now. Yes, the show is a hugely popular one with fans, and its most recent season launched the supernatural show on to the global stage. However, none of that explains the show's growing publicity. That credit lies with the president's son, and the creator of Mob Psycho 100 is reacting to the ordeal now.

Over on Twitter, fans were taken aback when ONE posted a tweet. That addressed the situation. The artist must have noticed Mob Psycho 100 was trending, and after learning why, ONE had a little message for fans.

"I'm happy Japanese anime gets top results for Google Search in the US. If you Google "Saitama," pictures of his face show up instead of the actual prefecture. Seems like Trump's son's reaction & doubt to see Mob Psycho in Google got it trending," ONE wrote as translated by aitaikimochi.

Of course, that is what happened word for word. The whole reason Mob Psycho 100 even began trending was because of a tweet sent by Eric Trump. The president's son posted a photo of Google Image after searching the term mob. While Yahoo and Bing showed real-life mobs, Google and its personalized search turned up images of Mob Psycho 100. The tweet went on to implicate Google in a conspiracy dedicated to misinforming Americans, and anime lovers were quick to point out why Mob Psycho 100 showed up. After all, Google SEO isn't a secret by any means, and sites like Crunchyroll use the formula to its advantage.


Now, fans can rest easy knowing that ONE saw the whole ordeal. The artist even got a chuckle out of the situation as did so many other anime lovers. And if Reigen was here to see this, fans know the spiritualist would have gotten a kick out of it!

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