Gundam vs Hello Kitty Releases Intense Second Trailer

Mobile Suit Gundam is celebrating its 40th anniversary, and fans are gathering to celebrate the [...]

Mobile Suit Gundam is celebrating its 40th anniversary, and fans are gathering to celebrate the franchise in a big way. However, no one can outdo the celebration which Sanrio is throwing for the sci-fi series. After all, Hello Kitty is planning a crossover with Gundam this year, and a new trailer for the mash-up anime has dropped.

And yes, it is just as dramatic as you'd expect.

Recently, a brand-new trailer went up for the special Gundam x Hello Kitty collaboration. Fans can take a look at the reel above, and they will find "Gundam vs Hello Kitty" is more intense than they expected.

The reel begins with Amuro Ray sitting quietly in the cockpit of his mecha. Piloting the RX-78-2, the soldier is on a mission, but things get hairy when a giant mecha suit of Hello Kitty appears. The two exchange conversation hilariously enough, but they have yet to be translated into English officially. For now, fans can follow along as Hello Kitty and Amuro come under attack by Zeon forces, and the trailer ends in the best way possible.

After all, this is Gundam we are talking about, and the anime is known for its over-the-top cliffhangers.

This is the second trailer to debut for the project, and the first set up a few more details about the crossover. The whole thing began with Hello Kitty sitting at home watching an episode of Mobile Suit Gundam. However, the mascot became very worried when she saw Amuro overwhelmed by the Zeon force, and this led Hello Kitty to jump into the anime. Now, it looks like the character will be joining up with Amuro to defeat his opponents, but there is no telling how the shift will affect the future of Mobile Suit Gundam. After all, the butterfly effect is delicate, and the damage Hello Kitty could wreak in space is basically limitless.

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