Sailor Moon Gundams Get the Fandom Buzzing

The Nobel Gundam unit has long been a canon part of the popular mech franchise thanks in part to the anime series of G Gundam, but now fans are rediscovering the original suit, along with a variation, that bring its aesthetic even closer to the series that is Sailor Moon! This particular mech suit bares a striking resemblance to the most popular member of the Sailor Scouts, piloted by Allensby Beardsley as a part of Neo-Sweden. With fans rediscovering the "cousin" of Nobel, Nobel Gundam CBI, it's clear that the connection between the two franchises has grown even deeper!

G Gundam is one of the most ridiculous entries in the Gundam franchise, focusing on a number of different pilots that represent their nations in a tournament of mech suits. Foregoing wars and battles that result in the deaths of their citizens, each country has agreed to hold a tournament every four years, where the ultimate Gundam winner will allow their country to rule the universe for four years, right up until the next fight. With Nobel Gundam and its pilot Allensby representing Sweden in this alternate reality, the mech suit bares an insane resemblance to Sailor Moon and the CBI unit looks strikingly like Chibi Moon!

Twitter User SailorFailures shared the designs for both the Nobel Gundam mech suit alongside the Nobel Gundam CBI, showing just how close these two mechs from the G Gundam anime are to both Sailor Moon and her tiny doppelganger in Chibi Moon:


G Gundam was a unique concept in the world of the Gundam franchise, pitting solo fighters against one another to determine the fate of the universe. While the Nobel Gundam is certainly striking, it's far from the strangest looking suit that was featured in the anime, with countries like Mexico and Denmark sharing some ridiculous mobile suits of their own. Mexcio's Gundam looked like a ridiculous combination between a robot and a cactus, while Denmark's looked like a walking, blasting windmill.

What do you think of the design for the Nobel Gundam? What other anime franchises have you seen reflected in Gundam's mechs? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and Gundam!