Mobile Suit Gundam Teases Big San Diego Comic-Con Attraction

Mobile Suit Gundam is currently celebrating its monumental 40th Anniversary, and Sunrise is going all out for this massive franchise. With a huge slate of new projects making their debut within the next few years, Sunrise is going to put their best foot forward and roll out the red carpet for their eventual premieres. This previously included an appearance at Anime Expo 2019 this past weekend, and it will certainly include San Diego Comic-Con.

Sunrise announced during their special Mobile Suit Gundam panel that they will be rolling out, quite literally, a major attraction for the upcoming convention that includes both a standard and a mobile booth.

According to @ichnob on Twitter, Sunrise announced that their presence at San Diego Comic-Con on July 18-21 will include a major Mobile Suit Gundam booth promoting the 40th Anniversary. Along with this, there will be an interactive booth on the outside that will feature a truck "driving around a Gundam on a flat bed." Sunrise is also planning to have a huge presence in Comic-Con promotional materials with Gundam graphics planned for the convention hall itself.

Mobile Suit Gundam has a lot of projects currently in the works that include a new film in the Universal Century storyline, a new Gundam Build Divers, a new SD Gundam series, and even a live-action film produced in the West. With this much in store to look forward to, and with this big presence at San Diego Comic-Con, fans are definitely hoping for 40 more years of greatness.

You can currently check out one of the latest anime releases, Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin, Saturdays on Toonami. Originally beginning as a series of OVA specials in 2015, the series of specials are a slick retelling of the original Mobile Suit Gundam series. You can currently find the series streaming on Hulu too, and they describe the series as such:


"What was the tragedy that decided the fates of Char Aznable, the man later nicknamed the 'Red Comet' as an ace pilot of the Zeon forces, and his sister Sayla Mass? The two siblings' journeys, brought on by the sudden death of their father Zeon Zum Deikun who was a leader of the Spacenoids, are depicted in the four episodes of 'Chronicle of Char and Sayla'. This story will be presented in the form of event screenings. The Zabi family who seize control of Side 3 and lead the Principality of Zeon, the early days of many renowned Zeon ace pilots who later fight in the One Year War, the secrets of mobile suit development, conflicts with the Earth Federation Forces, and the road leading to the outbreak of war—all will be revealed."