My Hero Academia Saves Eraserhead's Quirk with a Bloody Solution

My Hero Academia isn't the darkest manga out there, but its ongoing arc has put it in the running. The hit series has kept fans tuning into the Villains Raid arc as dozens of heroes have been killed with other being crippled for life. As of late, much worry has been spent on Aizawa as the hero has been the only thing holding back Shigaraki... and he paid for doing so this week.

The latest chapter of My Hero Academia went live this past weekend, and it was there fans checked in on Aizawa. Shigaraki has gone completely mental as his psychotic rage has made him unrecognizable to most. Still determined to raze the world, the man killed Gran Torino in a previous chapter, and he managed to shoot Aizawa with a Quirk Erasing bullet in chapter 282.

Of course, the Pro Hero was not about to let that stand. He was told by a comrade about the bullet, and it gave him enough time to mentally steel himself. The only way to keep the bullet's contents from erasing his Quirk was to amputate the area impacted. And since the bullet hit Aizawa's right calf below the knee, well - he had to chop it off.

my hero academia

You read that right. The chapter starts with Aizawa grabbed a knife after being shot below the knee. "Thanks to your warning, I can handle this nice and rationally and without any hesitation," Aizawa tells himself as he prepares to amputate his leg. He only flinches an inch whilst doing so, and fans can only imagine how this injury will impact the Pro Hero moving forward. The chapter ends with Aizawa on the cusp of unconsciousness, and Shigaraki is ready to fight once more despite his heavy injuries. And with Gigantomachia on his way, it seems like things are going to get even worse before they get better.

Did you expect Aizawa to resort to such drastic measures? Or does that jive with the Pro Hero you've come to know in My Hero Academia? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.