My Hero Academia Debuts All Might's $12,000 Bust

My Hero Academia has dozens of heroes under its belt at this point, but none can ever outdo All Might. The Symbol of Peace may not have the power he once had, but fans of the series know All Might's legacy looms large even in his weakened form. This is why the fandom goes crazy for the hero when he triumphs, and if you have some spare cash on hand, you can buy a 1:1 statue of the hero to lift your spirits.

The update comes from Furyu, a collectible brand that specializes in wild statues and busts. My Hero Academia inspired one of the company's latest busts, and honestly, it is a feat to see. After all, Furyu has made a 1:1 life-size bust of All Might, and it is wild.

(Photo: Furyu)

"From the sensational anime series My Hero Academia comes a life-size bust of All Might! A whopping 59 inches tall, the modeling is exquisitely executed and features a classic, confident expression," the bust's description reads.

"Everything has been expertly recreated from the tips of All Might's fingers to the texture of his uniform. A true masterpiece, it is as if All Might jumped out of the anime world, and right into your home and collection!"

For those needing more details, the bust is close to five feet tall from top to bottom. Furyu created the figure out of poly resin and PVC. This construction material allowed All Might to rock a 1:1 scale from the waist up. After all, a true full-size statue would stand at over seven feet tall. But if you have this bust on hand, you can see where you might measure up to the hero.

If you want to nab this piece of merchandise, it will cost you. The bust is priced at $11,999 USD given its size and detail. Freight shipping is also required given the size, and buyers must put down a $3,600 USD non-refundable downpayment if they get the bust through Big Bad Toy Store. But if you have been waiting for a My Hero Academia bust like this to come along, well - your time has arrived!

What do you think about this wild collectible? Do you have any plans to spend this kind of cash on My Hero Academia? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.