My Hero Academia Debuts New Stills of Episode 100

My Hero Academia's fifth season of its anime has recently brought to a close the Joint Training Exercise Arc, netting Class 1-A a major win against their rivals in 1-B, and with the story arc focusing on the heroes of Kohei Horikoshi's world right around the corner, the series has revealed new images from its one-hundredth episode. These new images reveal that the students of 1-A still have some adventures to undertake before Season Five switches to a brand new perspective with Shigaraki and his crew that will have giant ramifications on the franchise moving forward.

The Joint Training Exercise Arc has elicited a mixed response from the fandom, with some hyped at the battles between the students of UA Academy and others wanting to move forward to the arc that will reveal new aspects of the villains of the series. Prior to this new battle for the League of Villains that will pit them against a threat outside of the world of heroes, Midoriya, Bakugo, and Todoroki will be taking focus, with the anime also looking at Class 1-A as they have a Christmas celebration to ring in the season, even though at present we are most assuredly in the summer months.

Twitter User Atsushi 101X shared these new images from the titanic one-hundredth episode of My Hero Academia, which acts as something of a bridge between the conclusion of the Joint Training Exercise Arc and the beginning of the long-awaited "My Villain Academia" Arc:

Aside from the upcoming storyline focusing on the villains, Season Five will also have an arc that will see Deku, Bakugo, and Todoroki deciding to join the number one hero's agency as part of a work-study, with Shoto having to work alongside his father Endeavor to hit new heights of crime-fighting. While we don't know when Season Six will arrive, it will definitely be one of the biggest of the Shonen series to date, as it will more than likely be covering the "War Arc", which will pit the heroes against the villains in a battle that changes the landscape of My Hero Academia forever.

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