My Hero Academia Artwork Imagines Inko Midoriya's Pro Hero Look

My Hero Academia is filled with heroes no matter you look. Izuku has grown up admiring Pro Heroes [...]

My Hero Academia is filled with heroes no matter you look. Izuku has grown up admiring Pro Heroes like All Might, leading him to his dream of becoming the World's Greatest Hero. Of course, he had other role models like his mom, but she was no licensed superhero. Now, one fan is imagining a world wherein Inko did suit up before Izuku came along, and her alter ego is worthy of their own spin off.

Over on Reddit, fans began buzzing when artist Oriiwu posted their take on Inko Midoriya. They wanted to imagine how the character would look as a Pro Hero, and the results had fans split over their favorite version of the heroine. And in the end, it seems Mama Inko and Pro Hero Inko are equally loved.

As you can see below, the artwork shows Inko suited up in her own costume as she goes by the name Magnetic. The heroine has long green hair with part of tied into a top bun. Her dark hair balances out the light green hue in her eyes, leaving Inko looking all sorts of mesmerizing.

Inko Midoriya for my Pro Hero AU from r/BokuNoHeroAcademia

Of course, the green does not stop there. Inko has on a familiar costume that is inspired by the one Izuku wears in the manga. In this alternate universe, Inko might have tailored an old suit of hers to send her son to UA Academy with.

Of course, the Inko who fans know and love never had this Pro Hero outing. Or at least, neither her fans nor son know anything about it. Still, this kind of backstory is fun to imagine, but it doesn't make Inko any better as a character. Mama Midoriya is plenty precious as is in the anime, and fans wouldn't have that any other way... not even if it meant turning Inko into a beloved Pro Hero herself.

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