My Hero Academia: What We Know About the UA Traitor So Far

My Hero Academia isn't afraid to string fans along with a mystery, and it has done so with ease for years now with one prickly question. The series has sent fans on a wild chase to figure out the identity of a traitor at UA Academy that no one can suss out. It has been years since the idea of a traitor was first seeded into the series, and we are here to catch you up on all of its important pieces of evidence.

For those who care to think back, they will remember that Principal Nezu was the first person to open the floor to a traitor. The genius sided with Present Mic when it came to a traitor being hidden within the school. Their suspicions were arisen after the League of Villains made their first attack on the school, but one on has been called out for the job.

My Hero Academia Lego
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Ever since My Hero Academia pointed out the presence of a traitor, the pro heroes got to work sorting through their ranks. We got a better sense of who might be leaking info to the baddies when Classes 1-A and 1-B wanton their summer training trip. The location of their camp was kept confidential to the extreme, but the villains were able to find them with no effort. This means the unknown traitor leaked the camp's location, and that info was only made privy to first-year students and their faculty.

Currently, the series has helped put a closer eye on all potential subjects by having the students live in dorms on campus. This not only keeps the students safe but puts them under a watchful eye. This attention is what has put scrutiny on characters like Aoyama and Kaminari, but All Might doesn't believe any of the students are to blame for the leaks. In fact, the hero tells Nezu he's confident someone other than the students must be the traitor, but the principal keeps his opinions to himself on the topic. And in doing so, the principal has put suspicion on himself in the eyes of some readers.


At this point, there is no clear sign pointing to the traitor's identity, but My Hero Academia fans expect him to pop in soon. Hero Society is being challenged in a way like never before thanks to Shigaraki, and fractures are occurring everywhere. It won't be long before this traitor slips his true identity to the world, and when they do, you can expect fans to collectively lose their minds.

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