My Hero Academia Finale Reveals How Long Before Total War Breaks Out

The season 5 finale of My Hero Academia's anime series has set the stage for a dark and deadly season 6. SPOILERS FOLLOW: In "The High Deep Blue Sky" the respective arcs of development that both the young heroes and their villain rivals have been through over season 5 is put into a larger frame, which foreshadows how the next time these two sides clash, it will be in no less than all-out war. But more so  than just a general tease that war is coming, My Hero Academia episode 113 actually puts down an official timeline of when the series' War Arc will begin: 

"X-Day" is coming to My Hero Academia, and nothing will be the same afterward! 

That is is the official codename given to the operation that No. 2 Hawks has been building toward, during his time as a spy embedded in the ranks of the League of Villains, and its new Paranormal Liberation Front army. Hawks notes in voiceover that there's just a few key details to uncover before the heroes can stage their counterattack: the biggest one being the identity of Tomura Shigraki's mysterious benefactor (who we know to be All For One's longtime disciple, Dr. Ujiko. While Hawks is tracking down Ujiko, the mad doctor has meanwhile started Shigaraki on a "hellish" four-month process to enhance his powers and make him the true successor to All For One. That sets a timeline of four months for the pro heroes and Class 1-A to get prepared to face the greatest villain threat the world has ever seen. 


My Hero Academia season 5 ends in the cold of winter, but it's only a few months later that we get a thrilling teaser in the form of a post-credits button scene. As Spring Break ends at U.A. High School, Izuku Midoriya and his friends in Class 1-A all get mysterious texts calling them to a special Work-Study assignment. That assignment turns out to be helping heroes provide support in evacuating the population of a town, with Izuku's voiceover that this is the start of the war between the heroes and the Paranormal Liberation Front. 

While the post-credits scene for My Hero Academia Season 5 is vague in what, exactly, it's setting the stage for, there are some clues in the final scenes of the finale. First and foremost, it's revealed that Dr. Ujiko actually has a public identity as a seemingly respected doctor (as his title would imply). Ujiko is seen visiting a place called "Jaku Hospital," which seems to be in the same location that Izuku Midoriya and co. are in the post-credits scene. So while the My Hero Academia season 5 finale may have established a timeline of months until war breaks out, the post-credits scene seems to bring us right up to the first day of battle. 


So... going to need that My Hero Academia Season 6 sooner before later!