My Hero Academia Art Imagines the Hero Costume Hagakure Deserves

While show stoppers like Midoriya and Bakugo have gotten more than their fair share of the [...]

While show stoppers like Midoriya and Bakugo have gotten more than their fair share of the spotlight in My Hero Academia, there are plenty of young heroes that haven't gotten the same opportunity, but fans are looking to fix that with one, in particular, giving the invisible girl, Hagakure, a superhero costume that is truly "Plus Ultra"! Though Hagakure hasn't had much of a role to play in the latest season of My Hero Academia's anime, or the insane storyline taking place in the manga, The War Arc, she remains a stalwart part of Class 1-A!

Hagakure isn't simply an "invisible girl", she has mastered her Quirk to be able to stun her enemies by reflecting light from her invisible form. The heroines of Class 1-A have been working hard at mastering their abilities and fighting against the villains that are swarming out of the woodwork to change the world for their benefit, and Toru is definitely no exception as she has been training to find new applications of her powers. With a bubbly personality, Toru has been exceptional at using her invisibility for stealth purposes and it will be interesting to see how she can use her powers in the future of the franchise.

Reddit User Abwhorentity created an entirely new outfit for Toru, doing a great job of thinking up a crime-fighting suit that still works within the idea of Hagakure's invisibility and how it is used in this heroine's bid to become a professional crime fighter like her fellow students at UA Academy:

I redesigned Hagakure’s lazy-ass costume. If Miriogets some fancy explanation on why he gets a cool costume, why doesn’t she? from r/BokuNoHeroAcademia

One of the most interesting aspects of Kohei Horikoshi's Shonen franchise has been seeing heroes and villains with powers that, on paper, don't seem like much but are eventually used in ingenious ways that make them threats. Such is the case not only with Toru, but also Lemillion, who is able to use his intangibility in such ways that he has easily become one of the strongest heroes in the world today. With the fifth season of the anime set to hit this spring, expect to see more of Toru when these new episodes drop as Class 1-A battles Class 1-B!

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