My Hero Academia Art Imagines the Series' Post-Timeskip Traitor

One of the biggest mysteries that has yet to be revealed in the pages of My Hero Academia's manga, besides the identity of the villainous flame wielder named Dabi, is just how is the traitor among the students of Class 1-A, and one fan artist has decided to imagine not only who that traitor might be, but also what they would look like with a villainous makeover. As the Paranormal Liberation War rages on, both heroes and villains are suffering heavy casualties and we wouldn't be surprised if the traitor is revealed prior to the story's end!

The fan artist in question imagines that the student who fires energy from his naval, Aoyama, might be the one to betray his friends at UA Academy, making way for the League of Villains to change the world to fit their nefarious needs. Recently, in season four of the anime for My Hero Academia, Aoyama struck up a friendship with Midoriya, at first creeping him out by sneaking around outside of his room at the Academy. As the two developed a bond, it would certainly be a betrayal if this outspoken young hero were to be revealed to be on the side of the antagonists!

Reddit Artist Rodrigo Sanni shared this impressive re-imagining of a version of Aoyama who has revealed that he himself was the undercover villain hiding out within the roster of Class 1-A of UA Academy, giving us an idea of what this young hero might look like as an antagonist himself:

BNHA Time Skip - What if Aoyama is UA's traitor from r/BokuNoHeroAcademia

Yuga Aoyama's Navel laser definitely isn't one of the most powerful Quirks to be found within the students of UA Academy, but it is certainly one of the flashiest as he has been known to let it rip when he is brought in front of villains. During the recent feature length film of the franchise, My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising, Aoyama demonstrated his technique against the villain known as Nine, also showing off its weakness as if he uses the ability for too long, he gets a terrible stomach ache that pretty much will completely incapacitate him for the remainder of a fight.


While the identity of UA Academy's traitor has yet to be revealed, we could certainly see it being Aoyama!

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