My Hero Academia: Toga Borrows Twice's Suit in New Sketch

Toga has definitely become one of the most popular villains in My Hero Academia, with the blood-drinking fiend carving her way into the hearts of fans thanks to her brutal personality and crush that she holds for Deku. With the upcoming War Arc in My Hero Academia's sixth season set to arrive this fall, fans can expect both Toga and Twice to play a big role, while an assistant to Kohei Horikoshi has shared a big costume swap for the members of the League of Villains.    

Without going into spoiler territory, the final storyline of My Hero Academia sees Toga and Twice closer than ever to one another, which is definitely odd considering the ending of the War Arc. As we saw in the fifth season of My Hero Academia's anime adaptation, both Toga and Twice were able to amplify the power of their Quirks, with the multiplying villain able to create thousands, if not millions of duplicates of himself to help the League of Villains defeat the Meta Liberation Army, while also giving Toga the ability to use the Quirks of those she is impersonating. Needless to say, the sixth season of the anime will see both villains front and center.

Yoshinori, the assistant to creator Kohei Horikoshi, shared this new artwork that shows off Toga in Twice's costume prior to the comeback of the two villains this fall via the anime adaptation as My Hero Academia continues the story of its Final Arc in the pages of its manga:

Toga is one of the most warped characters to spring from the mind of Horikoshi, holding a crush for Deku while having no problem attempting to kill him and anyone unfortunate enough to get in her way. Considering what takes place during the events of the War Arc, it's no surprise to see the young member of the League of Villains even more unhinged and having an even bigger ax to grind with the heroes that have consistently stood in her way.

What do you think of Toga in the costume of one of her best friends in the League of Villains? Which villains do you think will survive the events of the final arc of the series? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of UA Academy.