Epic 'My Hero Academia' and 'Avengers' Crossover T-Shirt Sends Marvel Heroes to UA

Isn't it a beautiful thing when franchises collide? We all love to think about what would happen if our favorite characters from one franchise were able to appear in another, and one epic T-shirt has helped take the imagination one step further. A fun shirt design online imagines the collision of two of the most popular properties in nerd culture today: Marvel Comics and My Hero Academia.

The shirt, which was sold on RIPT Apparel, put the top heroes of Marvel into the world of My Hero for an incredibly fun looking crossover. The design depicts a comic book cover with the My Hero logo on the top, but altered to say "Avenger Academia." Below it, Marvel's biggest heroes are drawn to depict the popular characters of MHA.

Captain America is front and center, puffing out his chest and taking up nearly half of the cover. It's no surprise that he's drawn to look like MHA's top hero and all-around good guy, All Might. Next to him is Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, with a backpack on his back and his eyes toward the sky. Of course, this is meant to look just like MHA's main character, Izuku Midoriya.

Got my new Academia x Avengers shirt from RipTApparel. I love it so much! from r/BokuNoHeroAcademia

The only bad part about this awesome shirt is that it's no longer available. The design was a 24 hour exclusive deal in RIPT. Once the time period had ended, the shirt wasn't able to be purchased anymore. There's always a chance that the site will bring the design back at a later date, as there are rotating "daily deals" each and every day. However, if the shirt doesn't appear again, you'll have to head to eBay or another resale site to try and find it.

In the meantime, the site does have one other My Hero/Marvel crossover with looking into. The shirt found here gives All Might his own comic book cover, meant to mimic the old school Amazing Spider-Man books.

What do you think of these awesome crossover designs? Let us know in the comments!



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