My Hero Academia Star Ends Hiatus Following Surgery Recovery

It looks like all is well with one of My Hero Academia's top stars. Earlier this year, fans [...]

It looks like all is well with one of My Hero Academia's top stars. Earlier this year, fans learned the voice actor of Bakugo Katsuki would be going on a hiatus to undergo surgery. Now, Nobuhiko Okamoto has given fans an update on his condition, and the actor wants everyone to know he has made a full recovery.

The announcement came from Okamoto's official blog as the actor wrote an update for fans. It was there the actor said he was ending his hiatus and returning to work after getting an all-clear from his doctor. This comeback comes a month after Okamoto had vocal cord surgery (via ANN).

Currently, Okamoto is working on Meikoi Radio Roman de Night, a broadcast program that features fellow voice actors KENN and Daisuke Namikawa. There is no word on what the actor will do next, but fans are eager to learn about his schedule for My Hero Academia. As season five will likely debut next year, it seems Okamoto has time to heal before he needs to channel Bakugo again.

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Of course, there's no doubt the role of Bakugo exasperated Okamoto and his vocal condition. The U.A. Academy student likes to yell, and that is never friendly on the throat. Before the actor went on hiatus for his surgery, he admitted he had been suffering from throat pain. Doctors did an exam where they discovered scarring on Okamoto's vocal cords. Despite having been treated for issues in the past, the doctor said the only action to be taken now was surgery, so Okamoto arranged the procedure as soon as possible.

Thankfully, the actor has made a full recovery, and fans are happy to see him healed up. Bakugo should sound better than ever when season five rolls around, so the rest of Class 1-A better invest in a good pair of earplugs.

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