My Hero Academia Art Reimagines Bubble Girl with a More Practical Outfit

My Hero Academia has plenty of positive traits, but some fans do take issues with the franchise's [...]

My Hero Academia has plenty of positive traits, but some fans do take issues with the franchise's costumes. Characters like Momo Yaoyorozu have gotten flack for the revealing costumes, and that isn't even to mention Midnight. Thanks to season four, another such costume was brought to life when Bubble Girl popped up in the anime, and one fan has taken it upon themselves to reimagine the sidekick with a more practical outfit.

The artwork comes from Reddit user earlgreycakese who felt it was time Bubble Girl got an update. The heroine debuted with the latest season of My Hero Academia as she is a sidekick to Sir Nighteye. The professional sidekick is one of the man's most trusted comrades even if she is too nervous to laugh around the keen-eyed hero. And while fans loved her bubbly personality, they were thrown off by her risqué outfit.

The character design does not fall on creator Kohei Horikoshi entirely as Bubble Girl was made by a fan for a contest. However, fans were still on the fence about her outfit. It is rather exposing, and that is what some fans felt the fan-service was a bit much. Others rallied for the heroine since she is more than welcome to wear whatever she wants. But as you can see here, Bubble Girl's fan-design is not drastically different from her original look.

A quick Bubble Girl redesign I did because imagining running with her canon shirt made me shiver from r/BokuNoHeroAcademia

The biggest changes which you can see above come with her top and shorts. The top is the same save for some sleeve alterations and a bit of extra fabric that now covers the bust entirely. Her shorts have also been zipped up all the way and tuck in around her waist. This high-waist look is certainly elegant, and it is hard to see how this look wouldn't work. Bubble Girl is still able to use her Quirk easily in this outfit, but if she doesn't like it then that is that.

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