My Hero Academia Theory Breaks Down Bakugo's Quirk Awakening

As its final act rages on, My Hero Academia has its hands full these days. Its heroes and villains are on a collision course now that Shigaraki is getting serious. Of course, his comeuppance has put Bakugo in the line of fire, and manga readers know the hero-in-training is hurting as such. But if a new theory is right, then Bakugo is just steps away from awakening the true power of his fiery quirk. 

The theory cropped up online this month after My Hero Academia began Bakugo's latest battle. The hero was meant to take on Shigaraki with Izuku, but Bakugo is now dealing with the villain solo after his rival was separated by Toga. Despite an early upper hand, Shigaraki has been wiping the floor with Bakugo, but the manga teased the boy's comeback in its latest chapter.

As the update goes on, fans are shown in a close-up of Bakugo after he was thrown to the ground. The kid is bruised and beaten with sweat raining down his body. However, the droplets on his face are sparking of their own accord, and that is certainly something we have never seen from Bakugo before. According to his quirk's parameters, Bakugo can only spark explosions from his palms with any sweat from his body, but that may not be the case now.

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And why is that? Well, it could be due to Quirk Awakening. The phenomenon is rare, but we have seen it happen with Toga and Shigaraki already. When people are put under immense physical or mental stress, their quirks can evolve on the spot. This evolution unlocks new facets to a person's quirk and often increases its strength. Given Bakugo's life-or-death situation, it seems likely the boy is about to awaken his explosive power, and that could change the tides of war for our heroes.

What do you think of this latest My Hero Academia theory? Does the series need to level up Bakugo's quirk? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.