My Hero Academia Art Brings Batman's Dick Grayson to Class 1-A

My Hero Academia is preparing to embark on the fifth season of its anime series, exploring a battle between Class 1-A and their friendly rivals in Class 1-B at UA Academy, and one fan has taken the opportunity to imagine what a certain denizen of Gotham City might look like under the pen of Kohei Horikoshi, Dick Grayson aka Nightwing! Though Nightwing has yet to appear in any of the DC movies, he remains a fan favorite from the comics and has made more than a few appearances in both live-action and animated adaptations!

Though the main story of My Hero Academia follows the adventures of the established heroes and the young students attempting to follow in their footsteps, the spin-off series of Vigilantes focuses on those crimefighters that operate outside of the law, which is definitely where Dick Grayson would fit in. Though Nightwing never went to a "superhero school", his teacher in Batman was easily a far tougher teacher than any that we've seen introduced in UA Academy to date, even including Eraserhead! My Hero Academia has yet to cross over with the heroes of either DC or Marvel comics, but considering these two companies are no strangers to the world of manga, we definitely wouldn't be surprised if we saw Midoriya and Bakugo one day entering the borders of Gotham City!

Reddit User Zeppeil shared this impressive artwork that not only imagine Dick Grayson becoming a part of the universe that spawned UA Academy, but also gave Nightwing a unique Quirk that fits perfectly with the former protege of Bruce Wayne as the young hero Robin:

Nightwing (MHA x DC) from r/BokuNoHeroAcademia

Gotham City is set to return in the upcoming feature-length film "The Batman", with Robert Pattinson portraying the part of Bruce Wayne, and while there has been no confirmation of Dick Grayson playing a role, fans have certainly been waiting for some time to see Nightwing officially make landfall in one of DC's films. Nightwing did appear in an anime however with the animated film Batman: Ninja, which imagined the heroes of Gotham being transported into feudal Japan to fight some of their toughest villains who dressed for the environment!

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