My Hero Academia Is About to Kick Off a New Redemption Arc

My Hero Academia has dealt with a few redemption arcs in its time. From Bakugo to Endeavor and beyond, the hit series has set a number of its heroes straight. Of course, as the story enters its final stages, fans are more eager than ever to see how these arcs end up. This is why some are still stunned that another redemption arc has sprung up so late in the game for My Hero Academia. After all, the U.A. High School traitor deserves a second chance, and Izuku will not rest until it is given. 

The update went live this week when My Hero Academia put out its new chapter. The release saw Izuku in the immediate aftermath of Aoyama's wild confession. As fans discovered, the boy has been the traitor at U.A. High School this whole time, but it was not done with free will. All For One held a gun to the boy's family should he fail, but now, Izuku is determined to give his classmate another chance.

By the end of chapter 337, Izuku made his desire clear when he spoke with Aoyama one on one. After the boy and his parents were taken into custody, Izuku made fans double-take when he apologized to Aoyama. Izuku feels bad for not noticing his friend's change in behavior, and he reminds everyone at U.A. High School that Aoyama has done what he can to save others. The boy isn't the disgusting villain he thinks he is, and Izuku wants to show everyone that.

"Doing wrong doesn't make you a villain for the rest of your life," Izuku shares. "Take my hand, Aoyama. You can still be a hero!"

Clearly, Aoyama is taken aback by the offer, and Class 1-A feels the same. The betrayal is just as fresh to them as it is Izuku, but our hero understands Aoyama in a way no one else can. Their quirkless childhoods gave them common ground, and Izuku would be blind to miss how he might've turned into Aoyama if One For All had not chosen to train him. There is a weight tying Izuku to Aoyama now whether their classmates see it or not. And just as My Hero Academia fans guessed, Deku isn't going to let Aoyama drown himself without trying to swim towards freedom. 

What do you think about this upcoming redemption arc? Do you believe Aoyama can redeem himself after all he's done? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.