My Hero Academia Movie to Welcome Two Foreign Pro Heroes

The Fifth Season of My Hero Academia might be the talk of the town when it comes to the Shonen [...]

The Fifth Season of My Hero Academia might be the talk of the town when it comes to the Shonen franchise right now, but the third film of the series is set to arrive in World Heroes Mission. With the series framing Deku for murder and enacting a big new brawl between the heroes and a cult that believes Quirks are evil, some new foreign heroes are joining the ranks of UA Academy.

The update comes from the official website of My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission. The movie, which is slated to debut this fall, will focus on Izuku as he finds himself embroiled with a cult bent on destroying quirks. It turns out this movie will visit plenty of countries before it wraps, and two native pro heroes will be introduced in Egypt and Singapore.

The Egyptian pro hero will be named Papyrus, and his name is Salaam. The hero is described as one who spends his time protecting Egypt and "has a strange aura that makes Egyptian citizens feel at ease" when he fights. It is said no one has ever seen Salaam's back to this day, and his quirk makes the pro flexible similar to Edgeshot.

As for the Singapore national, the hero is named Big Red Dot. The hero is based on the Merlion folk creature, and this hero loves to eat Singaporean cuisine above all else. The pro is said to wield the quirk Big Wave which allows Big Red Dot to release tons of water from his mouth, but it can happen out of nowhere on occasion.

It seems these heroes will help our Class 1-A kids on the battlefield in My Hero Academia's next movie. A slew of students will be stationed in Egypt to work including Kaminari, Mineta, and more. Singapore will fall to Momo and Tokage while our main students focus on the fictional nation of Oseon.

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