My Hero Academia Cosplay Takes Hawks to the Sky

Hawks might not have hit the top of the ladder like All Might and Endeavor, but the events of the Final Arc of My Hero Academia might see him rising up the charts to become the number one hero. With the upcoming sixth season of the anime adaptation set to arrive this fall, Hawks is going to have to make some difficult choices, and one cosplayer is prepping for the Paranormal Liberation War Arc by bringing Hawks, and his wingspan, to life.

As it stands, Hawks isn't just a top-ranking hero in the crime-fighting game, he also is the top hero for the "Public Safety Commission", meaning that he is willing to take any order that this committee dictates. In the fifth season of My Hero Academia's anime adaptation, Hawks went undercover as a new member of both the League of Villains and the Meta Liberation Army, selling the villains on the idea that he had fallen in line with the mantra of Re-Destro. Feeding information to the Public Safety Commission, Hawks is playing a dangerous game but was able to convey essential information to give the heroes time to prepare for the War Arc taking place this fall.

Instagram Cosplayer Caydance shared this new take on Hawks, months before My Hero Academia will return and tell one of the most difficult stories involving Hawks to date as he continues to try to skirt the worlds of both heroes and villains:

In the pages of My Hero Academia's manga, Hawks is one of the main heroes that is fighting directly with All For One, the villain responsible for so many of the problems facing the hero community today while also being the antagonist responsible for All Might's retirement. While Hawks might not be the one to deliver the killing blow, the young top-ranking hero was able to deliver some major hits to the top villain, as the final arc from Kohei Horikoshi in the world of UA Academy continues. 

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